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General Conditions of VIP "Loyalty"

The “VIP” loyalty Program is developed by the PERLA CANARIA, SL (hereinafter “Tenerife Perla”), Spanish company with registered office at Carretera General del Sur, 12, Armeñime, Adeje, province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and provided with Tax number B-38429015.

The purpose of the loyalty program is to offer the beneficiaries:

  • 10% discount for life is valid on TENERIFE PERLA jewellery in Tenerife Perla shops but excludes Tenerife Perla shops in Ports and Airports. 
  • This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, unless stated otherwise for temporary campaings. 
  • 10% for life cannot be used on workshop items, nor workshop labour time.
  • Any other commercial privilege or benefit for the acquisition of TENERIFE PERLA products that may be agreed upon by TENERIFE PERLA in the future. 
  • Information on various promotional offers that may be granted by TENERIFE PERLA to its clients in the future.
1. Terms of use of the “VIP” Program

a. Adhesion to the VIP Program

Any person of legal age or legal entity that accepts the Program Conditions may apply for the “VIP” program. To these effects, any individual or legal entity that has accepted these Conditions by joining the VIP Program will be considered “Customer”. After their first purchase, the Client can join the program by completing the electronic form available on a tablet in the shop or on the Tenerife Perla website. 

The applicant is informed that the delivery of the data contained in the “VIP” membership form is mandatory and its absence or inaccuracy will entitle TENERIFE PERLA to deny its participation in the Program. The sections marked with the “*” symbol are obligatory and the applicant´s incorporation into the Program will be denied if they are not duly completed. 

The Client acknowledges that he or she has consulted and accepted the present Conditions of adhesion to the “VIP” Program.

The Client guarantees the accuracy of all the information indicated in the membership form, and will be solely responsible for all wrong, incomplete or obsolete information. Any request of inaccurate adhesion will not be taken into account by TENERIFE PERLA that will be entitled to refuse the incorporation of the Client to the Program.

b. Terms of use of the account associated with the “VIP” Program

The opening of an account in the Program is proof of the beneficiary´s condition. The account belongs to the Client. Only the discounts and eventual prizes of the Program will be accessed with the email of the client that was introduced while registering.

The account holder is the sole user of the account, as well as the sole responsible for its correct use and will be solely responsible for the use that could be made of your account. Any breach of these General Conditions of adhesion, any fraudulent use by the owner of the account or third party acting on behalf of the adhering Client will automatically entail deprivation or deactivation of the account.

The Customer´s account has a validity equal to the duration of the Loyalty Program.

c. Conditions of use of Program benefits

The discounts and other benefits offered by TENERIFE PERLA will be subject to the terms and Conditions that are approved by the company at the time of the launch of each commercial Promotion.

These Terms and Conditions are available online at www.tenerifeperla.com/vip-terms-conditions. TENERIFE PERLA may also communicate said Term and Conditions by other means, such as via email. 

2. Duration, cancellation and modification of the VIP Program

TENERIFE PERLA reserves the right, at all times, to modify or cancel the loyalty Program without having to justify its decision and without any compensation in favour of the Customer.

TENERIFE PERLA also reserves the right to modify discounts and bonuses without having to justify its decision and without any compensation in favour of the Customer. These Conditions may be modified at any time and without prior notice by TENERIFE PERLA, which the Client accepts without any reservation. The Client is invited to regularly consult the latest updated version, permanently accessible www.tenerifeperla.com/vip-terms-conditions.

The Client may terminate this agreement at any time, cancelling his or her account with the unsuscribe link in our emails.

3. Protection of personal data

By virtue of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), you are informed that your personal data and purchases subject to the “VIP” Program will be included in the files owned by PERLA CANARIA, SL with registered office at carretera General del Sur, 12, Armeñime, Adeje, province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and provided with Tax number B-38429015, whose purpose is to reward customer loyalty by offering commercial discounts and keep them informed, by any means (electronic or not) / of all the offers and promotions of the Program, including the performance of promotional and marketing actions.

In compliance with article 11.1 of the LOPD, by signing this document, the Client who subscribes to the Program gives its express written consent for the processing of its personal data by PERLA CANARIA, S.L. for the purposes indicated above. This consent may be revoked at any time by letter addressed to the person responsible for the file.

In the event of a change in the data related to the holder, he/she must notify PERLA CANARIA, S.L. by sending a email to [email protected]. The lack of communication or updating of possible changes in the data provided exempts PERLA CANARIA, S.L. of any responsibility for sending information using the data provided by the Customer.

The data provided by the Client to PERLA CANARIA, S.L. will not be transferred to any third party.

Any Client may, at any time, use their rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation by writing to PERLA CANARIA, S.L. with registered office in carretera General del Sur, 12, Armeñime, Adeje, province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 

4.Applicable law and litigation

These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish law. Without prejudice to the application of imperative provisions applicable to jurisdiction (especially for those Clients that intervene as consumer), any litigation relating to these conditions, and in particular any dispute concerning their validity, interpretation, execution and/or its suspension and its consequences will be resolved by the Arona Tribunals.

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