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In accordance with article 10 of the Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society and e‑Commerce Services, we are providing you with the following information:
PERLA CANARIA SL is domiciled at Carretera General del Sur, 12 – Armeñime – Adeje, with Tax ID Code B38429015. Entered in the Trade Register of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in folio 129 of Volume 1,397 of the general section, sheet TE-13.772, first entry.
The web page contains information on the company’s commercial and online sales activity.
Its main objective is to provide customers and the general public with information about the company, the products and services that it offers, as well as the online sales offered through the company.
In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection (LOPD (Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos [Organic Law on Data Protection])), the user is informed that all data provided to us will be included in a file, created and maintained under the responsibility of PERLA CANARIA SL.
The confidentiality of your personal data will always be respected, and will only be used for the purpose of managing the services offered, dealing with the requests made to us, performing administrative tasks, and submitting technical, commercial or advertising information by ordinary or electronic means.
In order to exercise your rights of opposition, rectification or deletion, you must go to the head office of the company at Carretera General del Sur, 12 – Armeñime – Adeje, write to us at the following web address (at) or call us on +34 922 741250.
The conditions of use and access of this website are governed by current legislation and by the principle of good faith, with the user undertaking to use the website appropriately.
Conduct that is in violation of the law, and the rights or interests of third parties, is not permitted.
Being a user of the website means that you acknowledge that you have read and accepted these conditions and how they are implemented through the applicable legal provisions in this field. If, for any reason, you do not agree with these conditions, do not continue to use this website.
Notifications and/or complaints shall only be valid if made in writing and/or by registered mail.
PERLA CANARIA SL shall not be liable for the information and content stored in forums, social networks or any other medium that enables third parties to independently publish content on the provider’s web page.
However, pursuant to articles 11 and 16 of the LSSICE (Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico [Law on Information Society and e-Commerce Services]), PERLA CANARIA SL undertakes to remove or, if necessary, bock content that may affect or contravene national or international legislation, third-party rights, or public order and moral.
Furthermore, the company shall not be liable for damages caused due to faults or poor configuration of the software installed on the internet user’s computer. All liability for a technical incident or fault arising when the user connects to the internet is excluded. Similarly, the lack of interruptions or errors when accessing the website cannot be guaranteed.
Furthermore, PERLA CANARIA SL reserves the right to update, amend or remove the information contained on its web page, as well as its layout or presentation, at any time, without incurring any liability in this regard.
We inform you that any price that you may see on our website is provided as a guideline only. If the user wishes to know the correct price or if the product currently has an offer from which they can benefit, s/he must go to one of PERLA CANARIA SL’s physical stores.
PERLA CANARIA SL is the owner of all rights to the digital publication software, as well as the industrial and intellectual property rights pertaining to the content included therein, with the exception of the rights to public products and services that are not the property of this company.
No materials published on this website can be reproduced, copied or published without the written consent of PERLA CANARIA SL.
All information received on the website, such as comments, suggestions or ideas, shall be considered as assigned to PERLA CANARIA SL free of charge. Information that CANNOT be processed in this manner must not be sent.
All of the products and services on these pages that are NOT the property of PERLA CANARIA SL are the registered trademarks of their respective owners and are recognised as such by our company. They are shown on the PERLA CANARIA SL website for the purposes of promotion and information gathering only. These owners may request the modification or removal of the information belonging to them.
These general conditions are governed by Spanish legislation. For any dispute that may arise in relation to the website or the activity carried out on it, the Courts of Arona shall be competent, with the user expressly waiving any other court to which they may have recourse.
General Conditions
By making an order, you are accepting these General Conditions, which are solely intended to provide an environment that is more favourable to e-commerce. The points brought together in these conditions are:
Product presentation
The TENERIFE PEARL items are presented in branded cases, designed to ensure the proper breathability and protection of the pearl. We reserve the right to send the presented items in TENERIFE PEARL cases or TENERIFE PEARL bags, according to the characteristics of the item provided.
Purchase securely through Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway (“Verified by VISA” secure payment system): payment is made through an independent WEBSITE that accepts a wide variety of credit and debit cards, including all 4B, VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards. When making a payment through the gateway, the user is directly connected to the bank’s website. Your card information transmitted over the internet is encrypted by SSL protocol and 128-bit keys. Encryption is the process by means of which the information exchanged between the Gateway and your computer is rendered unintelligible, preventing third parties from being able to see, capture or access the exchanged information.
Secure Payment Gateway: To use this gateway, the cards must be previously secured specifically to perform Secure Internet Commerce transactions. To secure your card, you only have to obtain a code from your bank. This code authenticates you as the legitimate holder of the card that you are using.
To pay via gateways, your browser must have 128-bit encryption strength and pop-ups must be enabled. You can see the encryption strength here: Help > About Internet Explorer. The most recent free versions of browsers are 128-bit. We recommend that you keep your browser up to date.
The prices shown on do not include the 18% VAT.
For shipments to Spain and the European Union, 18% VAT will be applied.
For shipments outside the European Union and to the Spanish territories of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, VAT will not be applied.
For shipments outside the European Economic Community, read the section Information for International Customers; shipping costs and delivery times will be calculated according to the destination.
Shipping costs are not included in the price, and are included in the final quotation depending on destinations and weights.
Purchases that are made via the payment gateway are made securely by means of SSL protocol. With this protocol, all of your financial data is encrypted and cannot be seen by anybody except you.
European Union residents
Value-added tax (VAT) will be adedd to the price during the customs import process, and both the VAT and the cost of said process must be met by the buyer.
Residents in non-EU countries.
Purchases made by individuals or companies resident in non-EU countries are exempt from VAT. No orders will be delivered to PO boxes. For this purchase/shipment system, and because of their tax regime, the geographic areas of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla  are classed as non-EU countries. You are reminded that the shipping prices shown do not include import taxes (custom duty), wich must be paid at destination by the receiver of the goods. 



Shipments are accompanied by an invoice, which is drawn up using the data provided by the customer when signing up to TENERIFE PEARL. (See point Confidentiality. Data protection law).
Certificate and Quality
TENERIFE PEARL uses only the highest quality materials for its designs, and each item is accompanied by a CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY that describes the characteristics of the jewel.
Because of their characteristics, pearls are a product whose properties and grades are difficult to convey in a photo; in addition, there are other factors that may affect the appreciation of the colour, such as the type of monitor. In light of this, the colours shown are only a guideline and may vary slightly.
Imperfections are one of the characteristics of cultured pearls and are completely natural.
You can view the applicable terms and conditions of guarantee in the didicated section.
Validity, Price and Payment Terms
The quotations, or sale offers, shall only be valid in writing, and during the period indicated therein. If a period is not indicated, this shall be 30 days.
Payment shall be made when making the order. TENERIFE PEARL can suspend delivery or the service until full payment has been made.
Delivery times
Delivery times within Spain are from 6 to 8 business days, depending on the town or city. The shipping agent is Correos.
Delivery times for the rest of Europe are from 10 to 15 business days, depending on the country and town or city. The shipping agent is Correos Internacional.
International delivery times outside the European Union are from 15 to 20 business days.
These deliveries are made by Correos Internacional. The indicated delivery times are approximate and non-binding. The place of delivery is indicated on the Order Confirmation.
TENERIFE PEARL reserves the right to take back ownership of the product in the case of non- payment of the Price.
The return period for any item is 15 days from receipt, with shipping costs payable by the customer.
The refund for the returned item will be made on receipt thereof by means of bank transfer. The return package must contain the account number to which the refund will be made.
If an item arrives in poor condition, this must be reported by email within 48 hours. In this case, the shipping costs shall be payable be TENERIFE PEARL.
If the package arrives in poor condition, make a note of it on the carrier’s delivery note before s/he leaves. This will enable the agent’s insurance to cover possible damages caused to the order.
Keep the items that have arrived in poor condition in case the shipping agent arrives to collect them.
This webpage is the property of TENERIFE PEARL. All the rights to its content, images, text, design and software are the property of TENERIFE PEARL.
All the elements of this page, including but not limited to its design and content, are protected by Intellectual and Industrial Property laws and international treaties related to Copyright.
TENERIFE PEARL shall not, under any circumstances, be held liable for damages of any kind arising from or related to the use of this web page.
TENERIFE PEARL must be compensated in the case of any damages resulting from your failure to comply with these conditions or use of the content of this web page without prior authorisation.
TENERIFE PEARL is a trademark registered to the entity PERLA CANARIA S.L., which assumes the liability described in the above paragraphs related to trademarks.
Information for international customers
For customers who reside in the USA, the taxes of their own country will be applied instead of EU taxes; the shipping agent will therefore request payment of 4.2% of the total amount as taxes.
In countries such as Switzerland, Turkey, Israel and Norway, EU taxes will not be applied. In these cases, the shipping agent will ask customers to pay local shipping taxes.
The following list indicates the percentages applicable to each of these countries:
Arab Emirates: 4% Hong Kong: no charge Australia: 5%
Israel: no charge Bahamas: 35% Japan: no charge Brazil: 22.5%
South Korea: 8%
Canada: 2.5% Mexico: no charge Costa Rica: 9%
New Zealand: 7%
Cuba: 15%
Peru: 12%
Chile: 7%
Philippines: 3%
China: 12% Poland: no charge
Dominican Republic: 8%
Russia: 15%
Ecuador: 20%
Taiwan: 5%
Egypt: 5%
Thailand: 10% Estonia: no charge
Uruguay: 22.5%
Guatemala: 20%
Venezuela: 20%
The information provided above, which is drawn from the Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission, must be considered ONLY as a guideline for our customers, as it does not always apply and depends on the total weight of the package.
The taxes and rules under international trade are the result of operations that are too complex to be dealt with here. We therefore recommend that you contact your local chambers of commerce for more detailed information.
Force majeure
TENERIFE PEARL does not accept liability for delays caused by circumstances outside its reasonable control and is entitled to an extension of performance; as a non-limiting example of these circumstances, these include strikes, shipping, supply or production problems, exchange rate fluctuations, government action and natural disasters. If the cause remains for more than 2 months, this agreement can be terminated by either party without the right to compensation.
Scope of the General Conditions
These General Conditions are applicable to all sales or services described in our advertisements and quotations via internet or made verbally.
Any amendments shall be made by TENERIFE PEARL in writing. Any other terms or conditions shall be excluded. These terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of TENERIFE PEARL, without prior notice, while respecting all agreements and transactions completed prior to the said change.
Orders shall be accepted in writing via the WEBSITE and shall only be binding once accepted by the Payment Gateway.
TENERIFE PEARL reserves the right to return the amount paid and cancel the order. This right will be exercised in the case of irregularities in the procedure or if an offence is suspected.
TENERIFE PEARL reserves the right to change the content of this web page at any time and without prior notice.
Consumer Rights
If you are a Consumer, none of the provisions in this contract will in any way affect the mandatory provisions related to consumers.
Confidentiality. Data protection law
Confidentiality of the payment is guaranteed through a secure payment module called Payment Gateway (“Verified by VISA” secure payment system): payment is made through an independent WEBSITE that accepts a wide variety of credit and debit cards, including all 4B, VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards. When making a payment through the gateway, the user is directly connected to the bank’s website. TENERIFE PEARL guarantees that all of the data collected via the form will be used in the manner and with the limitations and rights granted by Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection (LOPD). The processing and management of that data complies with the provisions set out in Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December approving the implementing Regulations of Organic Law 15/1999. You authorise TENERIFE PEARL for the use and computer processing of the personal data submitted by you, which will be used to provide you with information about our distribution conditions, the promotion of TENERIFE PEARL’s products and services and for historic and statistical purposes. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, objection and deletion of your personal data, in accordance with the provisions established in current legislation on personal data protection, by contacting TENERIFE PEARL (Ctra.General del Sur, Km. 12, 38678 Armeñime, Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife).
 In the event of any discrepancies or disputes over compliance with or interpretation of the sales agreement or any of its terms and conditions, the parties agree to sumbit to the jurisdiction of the courts of law of ARONA.
In the event of any provision in this agreement being declared invalid or incapplicable by a court of law, all other provisions will remain unaffected. 
Data Protection Policy
The purpose of our privacy policy is to ensure full compliance with personal data protection legislation. You can view our policy in the dedicated section. 
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